Own master

The following are the master's degrees currently being developed in the Podiatry Clinic area:



1. Introduce the student to the methodology to carry out work based on clinical cases and scientific evidence for presentation in scientific-technical forums.

2. Know alternative treatments through physical and postural therapies.

3. Develop skills for the design and manufacture of plantar supports, digital orthoses, ankle-foot splints, prostheses and footwear therapy.

4. Know the techniques of exploration and biomechanical analysis for podiatric diagnosis.

5. Improve podiatric care capacity for patients with biomechanical problems.




1. To promote in the podiatrist the acquisition of skills in the management of advanced therapies in podiatric surgery, as well as the review and scientific analysis of the surgical processes applied to podiatric practice.

2. Facilitate the professional's acquisition of skills and abilities for the application of the different technical procedures associated with the practice of podiatric surgery, as well as to deal with the complications that may arise.

3. Make the student aware of the diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for clinical decision-making within the framework of surgical practice in Podiatry.

4.To train the professional to establish the surgical diagnosis of foot pathologies, as well as to publicize the different treatment alternatives in the field of surgical podiatry

5. Train the graduate in Podiatry to assess patients who are candidates for podiatric surgery as well as to classify surgical risk.