Most of the practical teaching activities of the Degree in Podiatry are carried out in the ACP facilities. They basically correspond to the Podiatry Department, although other University Departments that are assigned teaching in the degree also teach some of the practical activities in our service.

The postgraduate courses of the Center for Permanent Training (CFP) of the University, as well as other practical teaching activities related to Podiatry and in which the University participates, have space, support and resources in our center to be able to carry out your activities. Traditionally and on a regular basis, it has been provided for the CFP Masters in "Biomechanics and Orthopodology" and in "Podiatric Surgery", as well as in the "University Master's Degree in New Care Trends in Health Sciences" dependent on the Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry. In addition, entities, organizations and services, with which agreements and conventions are established, program teaching activities that are supported (Professional Association of Podiatrists of Andalusia, Scientific Societies, Associations of the Sick, etc.)