Sport activities

Essential Elements

  • TIME:

La Facultad de Enfermería, Fisioterapia y Podología lleva varios años apostando por el deporte. Numerosos alumnos han pasado por las instalaciones deportivas y han formado parte del gran equipo de deportistas-estudiantes existente en la Universidad de Sevilla.


There are several sports modalities:

Currently in the 2017-2018 season, EFP participates in the following categories:

  • Men's basketball
    • Men's futsal
    • Men's Soccer 11
    • Men's volleyball
    • Women's volleyball

Students can still sign up for the different teams where the maximum number of participants has not been completed (maximum date: up to a week before the final).

  • Other existing modalities:
    • Women's basketball
    • Women's futsal
    • Men's handball
  • In addition, individual or team tournaments of:
    • Tennis
    • Table tennis
    • Paddle
  • LEVEL:

There is no need to worry about the individual level, everyone can be part of the teams.

Just highlight that a PRE-SELECTION is carried out at the beginning of the season where the captain of the new year will choose the participants in case there are an excess of players for the same sport. In case of not being chosen in said preselection and the places are full, other alternatives are always proposed (nobody is left without participating).


With sport, the only thing that matters is HAVING FUN, RELATING AND PARTICIPATING. Interested students will begin to form part of a very important sector of the University of Seville, representing its faculty.


Other Important Elements

  • LOCATION OF THE SPORTS FACILITIES: there are three facilities that are part of the SADUS:
    • Bermejales Pavilion (Heliópolis)
    • Pyrotechnics Pavilion (Viapol)
    • Ramón y Cajal Pavilion (Viapol)


  • ECONOMIC COST: SADUS proposes an economic budget so that everyone can afford to participate. Consult information at:


In addition, participation in college sports will allow you to:


  • GET ETS CREDITS: by participating in the sports modalities you can get ETS credits.

For more information:


  • ADD POINTS FOR SPORTS SCHOLARSHIPS: There are several scholarships that you will have more chances to access if you participate in the university sports leagues.

For more information:


  • BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIPS AT THE LEVEL OF ANDALUCIA, SPAIN AND EUROPE. Free presentation preselections are made, in which all participants interested in representing the University of Seville in the University Championships of Andalusia, Spain or even Europe, can demonstrate everything they can be.

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  • ARBITRATION COURSES. For more information:


Images of the Players who have formed or are part of the VET Faculty Teams





Paddle tennis