Degree in Physiotherapy


The need for physiotherapeutic care is determined by several factors: increased quality of life and degree of social well-being; increase in the population derived from the migratory flow; aging of a population that, in turn, sees increased chronicity along with higher levels of dependency and, consequently, the need for physiotherapeutic care; and a growing social demand for efficacy and effectiveness in health care: therapies must produce results and be beneficial.

The educational process of students of the Degree in Physiotherapy is aimed at becoming professionals in Physiotherapy. Thus becoming an agent of change that is capable of analyzing and promoting modifications, at an individual and collective level, that allow a constant conceptual, scientific and technological evolution of Physiotherapy, in order to adapt to variable social demands. Consequently, the responses to health problems that can be offered from Physiotherapy will not constitute pre-prepared recipes or respond to preconceived stereotypes, but will be the result of the reflection and elaboration of professionals in this disciplinary field.

Before applying for the issuance of the degree, the students enrolled in this Degree must prove that they have obtained a level of linguistic competences in a foreign language equivalent to level B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). More information

Admission and Enrollment

  • Recommended access profile: Stand out in high school or high school bio-health sciences knowledge and a clear interest in care, care and health and preventive practices.
  • Access ways:
  • Pre-registration: It is the process by which the student requests admission to the university studies they wish to begin. In this process, the available places will be awarded according to the access route and grade of each applicant. Pre-registration usually begins at the end of June in its first phase (for students who meet the requirements on that date). The remaining places after the awards of the first phase will be offered at the end of September in the second phase
  • Enrollment. It is the process by which the newly admitted student formalizes his incorporation in the assigned place after the pre-registration lists. It is also the act by which a student from previous courses formalizes the continuity of studies already started. CAT: Student Service Center for Self-Registration
  • Consult partial enrollment options in: Enrollment Regulations for official Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

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