Double Degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences


This Double Degree Degree in Physiotherapy and Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports is mainly based on the demand from various population centers, sports and non-sports, requested by professionals trained in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries with professional profiles in the field sports or, in other words, professionals with skills in the preparation and initiation of sports, in the organization of social recreational activities or physical and sports conditioning with profiles in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.

Admission and Enrollment

  • Recommended access profile: The characteristics of the potential students of this double degree will come from the modalities of access to the university with a positive attitude towards the practice of Physical Activity and Sports or Health. Its dynamism and adaptability will be highlighted; problem solving ability; initiative and predisposition for group work as well as high communication skills. Success in this degree will depend on the initial skills, but also on the work during the career and above all on your motivation, not only, for studying but for becoming a trained and responsible professional.
  • Access roads:
  • Pre-registration: It is the process by which the student requests admission to the university studies they wish to begin. In this process, the available places will be awarded according to the access route and grade of each applicant. Pre-registration usually begins at the end of June in its first phase (for students who meet the requirements on that date). The remaining places after the awards of the first phase will be offered at the end of September in the second phase
  • Enrollment. It is the process by which the newly admitted student formalizes his incorporation in the assigned place after the pre-registration lists. It is also the act by which a student from previous courses formalizes the continuity of studies already started. CAT: Student Service Center for Self-Registration
  • Consult partial enrollment options in: Enrollment Regulations for official Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Scholarships and grants

In this portal, information is made available to students and graduates of the University of Seville about all the scholarships and grants they can access: Study, welfare, training, mobility, cultural and sports grants, awards and distinctions.

Duration of the program

This Double Degree is developed in 5 years with a load of 378 credits distributed as follows:

First year: 90 credits
Second year: 78 credits
Third year: 60 credits + electivity
Fourth year: 66 credits + electivity
Fifth year: 48 credits

A total of 6 elective subjects (36 credits) must be taken, 3 of them being Physiotherapy and another 3 being CCAFYD.

Type of teaching

Teaching will be face-to-face, being compulsory attendance at preclinical practical classes in the laboratory, as well as attendance at clinical practices in hospitals and other subsidized centers.

Languages used

Although the teachings will be taught mainly in Spanish, certain groups of Physiotherapy subjects could be partially taught in English.

Profession that it trains

This double degree will enable you to practice the profession of physiotherapist and to exercise your degree in CCAFYD, in education, sports management, and sports training and preparation. For more information consult the professional opportunities.