Competences (Double Degree)

1. Acquire and develop social skills that facilitate interdisciplinary teamwork.
2. Promote and support projects in an international context from the recognition of diversity, multiculturalism and equality.
3. Apply critical reasoning and assume and reflect on the criticisms made towards the exercise of the profession itself.
4. Adopt responsibilities regarding the various ethical commitments and obligations inherent to the professional function, especially considering democratic principles in relation to others.
5. Promote autonomous learning that favors adaptation to new professional, personal and social situations.
6. Manifest an entrepreneurial attitude by developing creativity and initiative both professionally and personally.
7. Show leadership skills in carrying out collective projects, valuing the opinions and interests of the different sectors that make up the group.
8. Pursue quality standards in the professional function based, mainly, on continuous and innovative learning.
9. Use cultural and natural heritage resources while respecting the environment and valuing, at the same time, other cultures and customs.
10. Promote and guarantee respect for Human Rights and the principles of universal accessibility, equality and non-discrimination, and democratic values ​​and the culture of peace.
11. Develop creativity.