Interuniversity Doctorate in Health Sciences

The Interuniversity Doctorate program in Health Sciences offers comprehensive research-oriented training in different fields of health. The program is mainly aimed at graduates in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology or Biology, interested in delving into the field of Health Sciences with a complex and systemic vision. The four lines of research propose approaches to the evaluation of procedures, health management, epidemiology, gender and social determinants in health, and local and systemic implications of oral pathology. 

The University of Seville, the University of Jaén and the Andalusian School of Public Health, an entity dependent on the Ministry of Health and Social Policies of the Andalusian Government, join in this doctoral program, which also has the participation, on a In particular, of various professionals in the area of Health Sciences who have stood out for their research activity at other universities or in the private sector. In this way, doctoral students will be able to benefit from the support of solid institutions and learn from professionals with an important research career, with experience in doctoral training and linked to healthcare activity, which increases the attractiveness of the program and the chances of success for students. students.