According to current regulations, external academic practices are those training activities carried out by university students and supervised by the University of Seville, whose objective is to allow students to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, favoring the acquisition of skills that prepare you for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate your employability and promote your entrepreneurial capacity.

These internships may be carried out at the University itself or in collaborating entities, such as companies, institutions and public and private entities at the national and international level. They are regulated or academic practices generally managed by University Centers and aimed at students.

The curricular practices are configured as those academic activities of the Study Plan of each degree and have the duration in ECTS credits that are assigned in the same, at the rate of 25 hours of practices for each credit of the subject.

The extracurricular internship modality is one to which students can voluntarily enroll during their training period and which, even having the same purposes as the curricular internships, are not part of the corresponding Study Plan. However, they will be considered in the European Title Supplement as determined by current regulations. For this internship model, the student must have exceeded 50% of the total credits of the degree in which he / she is enrolled and, manage them through the ICARO program, although the person from the Faculty responsible for the external internships must be knowledgeable about the offer.

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