Objectives (Podiatry Degree)

1. Know and apply the theoretical and methodological foundations of podiatry and podiatry.
2. Know and understand the fundamental sciences for Health, the Scientific Method and the principles of measurement of biological functions, as well as the evaluation of scientifically proven facts and the analysis of data in general.
3. Incorporate self-learning to continue progressing, as an instrument for development, innovation and professional responsibility through continuous training.
4. Know the structure and function of the human body, especially the lower limb, semiology, mechanisms, causes and general manifestations of the disease and diagnostic methods of medical and surgical pathological processes, interrelating general pathology with foot pathology.
5. Obtain the capacity, ability and dexterity necessary to diagnose, prescribe, indicate, perform and / or elaborate and evaluate any type of podiatric, orthopedic, chiropodological, podiatric surgery, physical, pharmacological, preventive and / or educational treatment, based on the Clinical history, acting at all times based on compliance with the deontological obligations of the profession, current legislation and the criteria of normo praxis.
6. Acquire adequate clinical experience in each of the podiatric contents, carried out in accredited Centers for University Podiatry training, fostering interrelation with the multidisciplinary team, as well as effective communication with the patient.
7. Contribute to the knowledge and development of human rights, democratic principles, the principles of equality between women and men, solidarity, environmental protection, universal accessibility and design for all, and the promotion of a culture of peace.
8. Have the ability to gather and interpret relevant data in the field of Podiatry to make judgments that include a reflection on issues of a social, scientific or ethical nature and transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions to both a specialized and non-specialized audience .