Social Classroom


The Social Classroom of the Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry of the University of Seville aims to be a service of care, support and advice for people who make up the community of our center and who have special physical, psychological or social needs, from which solidarity and social actions will be promoted and organized.

It is born, therefore, from the commitment to the well-being of the university community that is its own, facilitating the passage of the academic life of people with special needs who require specific support, as well as the demands of especially vulnerable groups in society in which it is inserted, promoting values of equity, solidarity and cooperation

Functions and Activities

  • Possess up-to-date knowledge of the resources, both university and other entities, to which people who present a physical, psychological and / or social problem of our center may have access, maintaining close collaboration with the Assistance Service to the University Community (SACU).
  • Attend to the expressed needs and serve as a facilitating instrument for access to the different resources of students, teachers and administration and services staff of our center.
  • Program and develop complementary activities that favor the integration of people with special needs in the academic and dynamic life of our Faculty.
  • Organize an annual Solidarity Day, in order to raise awareness about the subject matter of the same and raise funds to contribute to the development of intervention programs that arise from the demand of the different sectors of our center or of community organizations that request it, tending to alleviate situations of inequality in health and social matters.
  • Any other activities that, by their nature, may be their own.


They will be constituent members, in full right, of the same:

  • The Dean of the Faculty.
  • The Vice Dean of Students and Social Action Classroom
  • The Administrator of the Center.
  • The members of the Commission for Aid to People with Special Needs, who will be the ones who attend, in the first instance, the existing demands and carry out the monitoring of the actions derived from them.
  • Any member of the university community of our center who wishes to contribute to its purposes and expresses her commitment to the work carried out by the Social Classroom.


  • The Social Classroom is included in the Vice Dean of Students and Social Action Classroom of our Faculty.
  • A large part of the activities of the Social Classroom are carried out by the Commission for Aid to People with Special Needs of the Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry. This Commission was created on March 7, 2007 with the aim of providing support to people who are in a situation of physical, psychological or social difficulty, as well as serving as an intermediary before other university levels, in the search for possible adapted solutions to our center and develop a line of social work, contacting associations and institutions involved in the field of disability to provide help in obtaining resources.

Activities in the 2018/19 academic year

The following activities have currently been carried out or programmed:

XX Solidarity Day Short Story Contest:

Contact with the Commission for Aid to People with Special Needs