Student Delegation

Location of the Delegation of Students of the Faculty

delegacion de alumnosFaculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry. Low level.

C/ Avicena, nº 6. C.P: 41009 Sevilla

Telephone: 954556530


Twitter: @DelegacionEFPUS

Greetings from the Delegation of Students of the Faculty:

Hello, person, this is the Delegation! We hope you feel at home in our center.

We are a group of volunteer students of the different degrees that make up the Faculty whose mission is to represent students and solve problems that may occur. We seek to achieve the best quality of teaching and learning possible and that the university years are not overlooked, supporting all activities related to university life.

And who are you? what are you going to be? Will you revolutionize something? Will you pass without pain or glory? It is only up to you to free yourself from the mistakes you may have made by creating the cloud that supports your dreams, and that happens by fighting for the best for you, your colleagues and your future profession.

We hope these years are as good for you as they are for us, and if they start to waver, you know who to contact!

Delegation of students from the Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry